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Welcome to ReclaimYourSkin, an online skin health portal run by doctors

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"What? An online skin check service? Is this for real?" You are likely to be thinking this right now. Well, for as strange as this may sound to many, give it a chance and keep reading. It’s worth it.

Maybe you’re wondering, "how does this work?". And the answer couldn’t be simpler! We are Reclaim your Skin, an online dermatological diagnosis service which gathers years of medical experienced powered by the latest technologies to provide you premium quality skin care. 


Follow these steps!

Take 5 minutes for your skin.

You can get your expert diagnosis today! Just follow these simple steps. You won’t belive how fast and accurate the results will be!

Take a picture of your skin.

Take good quality photographies of what’s worrying you. Remember to have good lighting - sunlight is the best, becasue it doesn’t alter the colors of the picture. You don’t have to take too many photos, one or two will suffice. We suggest a general picture of your skin, so we can identify in which place you’re having your symptom, and then a good close-up so we can appreciate the details.

Fill out the form.

Take a moment to fill out all the fields. We only need a few answers, but try to be as exact as possible. In example, when answering "how long has it been there?" try not to write "a few weeks" or "very long time", but instead try to give us a number of days or weeks. In some cases, it could make the difference. 

Use the Choose File buttons to upload the pictures that you took earlier. There is no limit of image size, so take the chance to upload high quality photos.

Once the form is complete, hit the Submit button!

Get your results.

Normally, an expert will analyze your pictures and give you an answer within the same day, if you fill out the form before 16:30 hs. If you send us your information later, you will receive your diagnosis first hour next business day. The results are delivered via e-mail. You will receive the name and general description of your conditions, as well as recommendations and suggested treatment. 


How does Reclaim your Skin work?

Reclaim your Skin is the result of years of developing the best dermatological solutions for patients all around the world. Our staff is 100% certified, premium dermatologists with wide expertise in image diagnosis. Our doctors gather and share opinions on every single picture received and evaluate all possible causes for the condition. 

Every time you send us your enquiry, you will have a whole team discussing your case and giving you their best solution. If you have a doubt about a stain, rash, color change, itch, or any other symptom, why not take 5 minutes for your health? Follow the steps above and get your diagnosis in no time!

If you would like to know more about Reclaim your Skin, we provide a phone number so you can talk to us. There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

What our customer says

Testimonials from people now healthy.

"Reclaim your Skin is really the revolution of skin care! I got my results in the same day and all I needed to do is take 5 minutes and a picture. Talk about new technologies!" read more >>ā€¯


"Long waits and paperwork were keeping me away from the doctor. I know I should get checked often, but that was a reality. Reclaim your Skin was my salvation. I don’t need to leave home and I get medical care in no time. Perfect." read more >>ā€¯


"I was a little unsure about Reclaim your Skin at first. You just send a photo and you get a diagnosis? Sounds pretty hard to believe. And yet I gave it a try. Good thing I did. The doctor prescribed a treatment and now my rash is gone." read more >>ā€¯