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Nail Fungi: Prevention and Remedies

Nail conditions

Many people take care of their body aesthetics. Most of them are women, but some men are somehow concerned about the way they look. We try to fix our defects and keep a good appearance, and we take measures in order to do so. But health is beauty, and some conditions may affect the way we look. Our skin, hair and body shape can be affected by several conditions, and that is also the case of our nails.

There are many nail disorders that can affect people. Perhaps one of the most common - or at least, best known - nail issues are due to trauma. Many of us have gone through the painful experience of getting our fingertip caught by a door or window, or the classical toe-against-the-furniture scenario. If the tips of our fingers of toes become injuried, our nails could crack or become tainted with bruises. Nail trauma isn't usually a big problem, because many of these conditions heal by themselves in time. Nails, just like hair, grow and are constantly renewed, wich means that if a nail is injuried due to trauma, a while later new tissue will replace the broken one. Read More...

how to get rid of stretch marks fast

What’s the cause of stretch marks?

If there is a feature that characterizes women in the present day, it is arguably beauty concerns. People are provided with plenty of beauty models and guidelines, and appearances - mostly for women, but in some cases for men as well - are praised as one of the most important things in life. The importance of the way we look roots deep into self confidence and self esteem, and also have a practical relevance in human and business relationships. People will treat us different and react different according to what we look like. Also, women are implicitly encouraged to link their beauty to their value as human beings. In consequence, they spend a lot of time, effort and money to try and look as good as possible, by making themselves up and fixing aesthetic issues that could be present on their bodies.

Stretch marks are amongst the most common beauty concerns. Altough they are not exclusively a female issue, they have become one of a woman’s worst aesthetic nightmare, along with cellulitis and face skin marks - crow’s feet, dark spots, acne, etc. Sadly for them, around 90% of women have had or will have stretch marks. But what are them? Read More...

Why Can Skin Itch or Be Scaly?

The social weight of our skin

Any chronic disease carries unpleasant consequences for us. Symptoms are usually a bother at best, while in the worst cases they can kill us or make us straight up miserable. However, not all of this misery comes from the direct effects of our sickness; some are caused by other people's reaction to them.

Some behavioral -i. e. neurological- symptoms and many aesthetic symptoms change the way people see us. Many will agree that our society isn't as good as it should be, and many patients are stigmatized and cast aside because of the way their diseases make them look.  Read More...

Which sunscreen to use according to your skin type

Is your skin adequately protected from the sun?

A number of research studies are being conducted by leading organizations across the world in a bid to unearth the definitive impact of sun exposure on various skin types and the role of sunscreens in skin-protection and prevention of Skin Cancer. While it is a known fact that it is important to always wear sunscreen, a recent report has been strongly indicative of the fact that such general preventive measures might not be just enough. The prime reason for this is the startling discovery that Melanin, the pigment that is produced by our skin cells in response to sun exposure has been found to interfere with cell DNA even two to three hours after sun exposure. So for most of us who are of the opinion that we know enough about sunscreens and take sufficient care in ensuring that our skins are well-protected, it’s certainly time for some serious introspection.


Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin Matters

Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the body based on size? It is one of the most important organs in the body. Not only does it come into contact with the outside world, it also holds body fluids which prevents dehydration. In addition, it keeps harmful microbes out, protecting us from infections and due to the nerve endings in your skin, you are able to feel things such as pain, cold and heat. If these nerve endings were not in the skin, you would be unable to feel and if you were unable to feel, you could get hurt badly and you would not even know it. Because the skin is such an important organ, it is important that it is kept as healthy as possible otherwise you will end up getting sick or experiencing damages to you internal organs, muscles and bones. 

Regular Skin Examination is Beneficial

One way of keeping your skin healthy is by having regular skin examination. By regularly checking your skin, you give yourself a good opportunity of spotting signs of damages to your skin which can be indications of serious skin diseases such as skin cancer. By conducting regular skin examinations, you not only get to know your skin better but you also gain a better understanding of what is normal on your skin so that you can easily identify the abnormalities. The more often you check your skin the more chances you have of detecting potentially cancerous areas of the skin before they progress into something more dangerous.  Read More...

Red Cheeks look charming but they can hide a disease

While developing red cheeks momentarily due to certain internal or external factors is quite normal, developing them on a consistent basis is certainly a cause of concern. High environmental temperature, heavy physical exercise or even a heightened emotional response as is seen in the case of blushing, may cause your cheeks to go red for a small duration of time. But should the condition persist for a prolonged duration (more than 24 hours), you might have developed Rosacea, in which case it’s advised that you visit a skin expert as soon as possible. The primary symptoms of Rosacea include facial sores, redness of cheeks and other parts of face, swelling as well as dilation of facial blood vessels causing stinging, burning and overtly sensitive skin. This is definitely a skin disorder that should not be ignored, because it might aggravate to a condition wherein the eyes get affected with the development of Ocular Rosacea.

Telangiectatic Photoaging: An Overview

The dilation of blood vessels on and around the face, eyes as well as other parts of the body, leading sores and redness is medically termed as Telangiectasia. Commonly known as Spider Veins, a number of factors like age, pregnancy, lifestyle and exposure to sunlight (UV rays in particular) and fluctuating temperatures are known to trigger this condition. When Telangiectasia is specifically seen in lieu with exposure to UV rays and in conjunction with development of dark spots and wrinkles, the condition is termed as Telangiectatic Photoaging. This dermatological disorder was previously thought to be related to Rosacea, but a team of medical researchers from the University of Michigan have recently uncovered the fact that both of the aforementioned skin disorders are distinct from each other. Read More...

Identify the causes why you can be going bald

There is a reason why you are going bald!

Are you going bald? Are you trying to identify the cause of you going bald but are unable to do so? Going bald is the result of excessive or abnormal hair loss which is a medical condition known as alopecia. Hair loss is common in both men and women and is a sign that something is wrong. In some people, hair loss is the result of a short-term event such as stress, medication or pregnancy and once the event is over, the hair will grow back. However, with some people, hair loss is a problem that they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. It is long-term instead of short-term.

The main cause of hair loss

One of the main causes of hair loss is androgenic alopecia which affects seventy percent of men and forty percent of women at some point in their lifetime. Scientists believed for a very long time that androgenic alopecia was caused by testosterone which is the male sex hormone that is also present to a certain extent in women; however, while testosterones are the core of the balding process, they are not the main culprit. The main culprit behind male or female pattern baldness is a derivative of testosterone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone cause the hair follicles on the head to die by shrinking them, making it impossible for them to survive resulting in hair loss.  Read More...

PSORIASIS is a Multi Factor Disease

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disorder characterized by severe itching, skin lesions, formation of red and scaly patches and rapid accumulation of dead skin cells in certain body parts, or even the entire body at times. This dermatological condition cannot be attributed to a single causative agent, but a number of causes that work simultaneously at triggering its outburst. This is the reason for Psoriasis to be termed as a ‘Multi-Factor’ Disease. At the level of skin cell functioning, Psoriasis results from the malfunctioning of the immune system. Also known as an autoimmune disease triggered by multiple factors, an abnormal overproduction of skin cells happens when the immune system wrongly responds to normal skin cells as pathogens.

Worldwide Statistics of Psoriasis

There are reported 125 million people around the world who suffer with this autoimmune disease. What makes the situation even more perplexing is that Psoriasis is not just confined to be a skin disorder. Studies have shown plausible links between Psoriasis and Cancer, Regional Enteritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and several Cardiovascular Disorders. So chronic Psoriasis or Psoriasis that is not provided with proper and timely treatment can lead to a number of organ malfunctions. Approximately 30 percent of the patients who develop Psoriasis, also eventually suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis, a painful inflammation of the joints along with the possibility of the eyes, lungs lining, cartilage and tendon getting affected. Read More...

Why Melanoma is the Most Feared Skin Cancer

Melanoma- The Most Feared Skin Cancer

Cancers are one of the deadliest diseases in the world and remain one of the largest growing diseases too. While cures have been found for early stage cancers, advanced stage cancer treatments are still a hit and miss with most people eventually dying premature deaths either due to cancer recurrence or due to the problems caused due to the intensive treatment done to rid the body of the cancer cells. Cancer can affect any part or organ of the body with liver cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer all frequently occurring types of cancer.

Types of Skin Cancer and Why Melanoma is the Most Dangerous

There are basically three main types of skin cancer. These include:


Basal cell Cancer. 

This type of cancer is the most frequently occurring with around 75% of skin cancers being basal cell cancer. Basal cell cancers grow very slowly and if they are detected quickly, they can be totally eliminated. Even advanced cases of Basal cell cancer remain very treatable.  Read More...

All You Need to Know About Acne and its Treatments

Types of Acne

Pimples! This is a word that is dreaded by most teenagers; however, it is not just teenagers who are plagued by pimples. Although acne is a skin condition that is suffered by most teenagers, adult acne is also on the rise. In fact, millions of individuals, both young and old, are affected by acne as it is one of the most common dermatologic conditions. There are two main types of acne which are:

Non-inflammatory acne which is characterized by the presence of blackheads and whiteheads on the affected area. Inflammatory acne which is characterized by the presence of pimples and reddened areas known as papules on the affected area. 

The areas that are most affected by acne is: the face, chest and back. The reason for this is because the sebaceous glands are most prominent in these areas. The sebaceous glands which are the oil producing glands in the body is the gland that is affected by a variety of different factors and result in acne when there is an over-production of oil. 

Forms of Acne

Those who are experiencing acne breakouts may experience one of the below mentioned forms of acne as acne manifests itself in different forms. Lesions may go from comedones and papules to nodules and cysts.  Read More...

Knowing Vitiligo

What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo a pigment condition that causes white patches to appear and spread. These patches are white, or at least much lighter than the original colour of the skin. Vitiligo is also known as leucoderma, meaning "white skin" in greek. It affects around 1 in 200 people, and isn't a deadly condition. It rarely causes derived complications when the proper protective measures are taken. White patches of vitiligo don't hurt, itch or become damaged more easily than non-affected skin.

The main impact that vitiligo has in patients isn't medical, but psychosocial. Patients with vitiligo are usually subject to discrimination and bullying, especially if they are young. When kids or teenagers start to develop vitiligo, it usually affects their quality of life and their social development. The cases when vitiligo is difficult to hide, like when it affects the face or the hands, are the worst. This condition can deeply affect the self-esteem and confidence of people and become a cause of segregation and harassment. Read More...

Getting to know Tinea Versicolor, a summer skin problem

Our skin and the summer

In the warmer days of the year, our daily routine changes. Temperature rises, the sun shines, rain falls, and we have our holiday time to enjoy. We go outside to enjoy the weather, swim in pools and the sea, sunbathe, and spend as much time outdoors as we can. 

Our summer routine can be quite threatening to our skin. We expose ourselves to environmental factors like the sunlight, water, air and humidity. Even if our skin is prepared to protect us from all effects of those factors, it can become damaged or at least somehow affected by them. Sunburns due to excessive exposure to sunlight are the most widely known summer skin affection, but they are not the only ones. When people think about preventing summer skin conditions, they usually recur to sunblock and hats to cover themselves from the sunlight; however, other factors, such as temperature and humidity, can affect our skin as well, causing several affections. Read More...

Online consultation with a dermatologist through Teledermatology

The Growth of the Telemedicine Industry

The growth of the telemedicine industry in recent times should not come as a surprise at all because ever since the growth of communication technology, it only has been a matter of time before people started to look for clinical help from their homes. With Skype and various other communication methods available, there is simply no need to leave your house for a medical consultation. There are two major benefits of telemedicine which has helped in growing the industry. The first one is the obvious comfort provided for both the doctor and the patient as the doctor can easily check the patient whenever he’s free and the patient doesn’t need to wait for his time as all he needs to do is sit in front of a computer or a laptop. The second one is that it is a viable way as there is usually no chance of misdiagnosis when the patient is not physically present because most doctors just listen to their patient’s symptoms and make their decision on that basis only. To say that online doctor consultation are redefining how people seek healthcare won’t really be wrong at all. 

A great thing about telemedicine apart from the comfort is that patients don’t need to wait for appointments anymore. With there being no geographical or physical boundaries, the number of doctors available increase a lot and this ensures that there is no waiting on the part of the patient for an appointment. Usually, with the options limited due to geographical and physical constraints, patients often have to wait for as long as a month to get an appointment with a doctor. During this entire period, the patient’s problem may intensify and increase too. 

What is Teledermatology?


The Causes and Cures of Folliculitis

What is  Folliculitis?

Skin conditions are very irritating not just because they cause pain but they are extremely awful to look at. You don’t just feel pain because of the condition itself but also feel some pain when you look at what the condition is doing to your skin. 

Folliculitis is a well-known skin condition and it can prove pretty painful. The condition is the name given to very small red dots or bumps appearing on the skin. The red bumps appear on the skin as a result of inflammation of one or a few of the hair follicles. When the hair follicles become swollen, the red bumps start appearing in the region surrounding the hair follicles over the skin. If you want to treat folliculitis, a most anoying skin problem, read on.  Read More...

Can Online Clinics be Better than Hospitals?

The NHS: hit and miss

Health is considered one of the basic needs of people, so public institutions are created in order to satisfy it. Of course, as humans themselves are not perfect, all they create is imperfect as well, and the public health system is no exception to this. This system can work very differently from one country to another depending on their political organization and social values, but the basics are pretty much the same in any case: the government must set some sort of medical and pharmaceutical system to care for sick and wounded people. In some countries, the public health system offers service for free; in others, the prices are lower than the private healthcare companies.

The main possitive aspect of a public health system is that everyone has a chance to be healed. If health was only in the hands of private clinics, those with less purchasing power would be condemned to get sick and even die without any professional help. However, yet again, nothing is perfect. The British NHS, as well as public health systems from other countries, have received criticism regarding several aspects of the service. In countries of the first world, the quality itself of the service is usually enough to cover the demand with human dignity; however, some people complain that people can "cheat" so they take advantage of the NHS. The public system may care for the health of foreigners who don't pay to the UK tax system, by getting an Ehic and then using it to make the NHS cover their treatments. In other words, are foreigners gaming the system?  Read More...

Online Skin Specialist

The challenges of dermatological care

Several factors had led to the overload of our healthcare system, especially the NHS, and patients are the ones to pay the price for that. Long waiting times, delayed appointments and long lines on hospitals often discourage people from looking for healthcare. Our current lifestyle eats up every single second of our time, and we rarely have a free afternoon to drop by the hospital, so for one reason or another we end up giving up on the possibility and trying something else or just doing nothing at all. When we don't feel well, we might want to put a little bit more pressure, making ourselves some time to go see a doctor or fighting for a chance to see a specialist a little more, but when it comes to routine checkups or testings, we are far more likely to simply give it a pass.

This may have terrible consequences in some cases when timely diagnosis of a condition can make the difference between light or bad sickness, or even life and death. Dermatology is one of the areas where this is more evident. A simple mole that looks a little bit odd could actually be a tumour, some sort of cancer developing in our bodies, and timely diagnosis could stop it from spreading and eventually killing us. However, if the person doesn't see a dermatologist and gets checked, the threat will remain undiagnosed and therefore, untreated. Read More...

Skin Doctor Online

What is Teledermatology?

The internet revolution is still going pretty strong. A number of the sectors that had not yet been influenced by it are now getting assimilated in it. Healthcare is one of the most prominent ones among these sectors. While hospitals had been using online technology for a number of years for providing support to the patients, they weren’t being utilized to their full potential. This however is changing. Doctors of the modern generation are thinking on the lines of incorporating online consultation as a means of providing diagnosis to the patients while they sit in their home. This would help patients who are living in far flung areas to get instant access to doctors. Teledermatology is great an example of this.  

Teledermatology is a branch of dermatology where in the use of telecommunication and online technology is being made to bring patient information to the doctors. It is a popular new approach of e-medicine which is being used by a number of patients nowadays for getting their skin issues checked by certified dermatologists. In Teledermatology, the patients are asked to upload images of their skin issues on a website which are reviewed by dermatologists within a period of 24 hours. The diagnosis of the patients is then sent back to them in the form of email or audio files. Visit reclaimyourskin.co.uk if you want to seek an online consultation with a dermatologist.  Read More...

The 5 most common skin conditions


Melanoma has received quite a lot of attention in the last few years. It has become a matter of concern as an increasing cause of death derived from a skin condition, especially among the white populations, who are the most likely to develop this kind of cancer.

Melanoma is a skin tumour, one of the deadliest types of cancer of all. Risk factors include a large amount of moles on your skin, white skin and excessive UV ray exposure, including sun exposure and tanning beds. It takes the shape of a mole on the skin, which is often odd-shaped or coloured, and changes fast in a matter of days or weeks. This type of cancer can spread to other organs and threaten the life of the person. However, if early detected, it can be removed and treated successfully. Read More...

Candidiasis - Causes of Candida Skin Rashes

Candidiasis is an infection by the fungus candida albicans. Candida is a normal organism in our gut, mouths and genital areas. It takes part in ensuring that the environment of the skin, vagina and gut is optimal. Being a part of the bacteria and fungi normal to our bodies, it does not usually cause any disease.  However under specific circumstances, candida does cause problems.

When Does A Good Fungus Go Bad?

We could summarize and say any situation that reduces your immunity could lead to candida over growth (the infection).  These include; 

- Having diabetes

Skin Specialist Doctor: Curing Burns with Stem Cell Therapy

In many countries, burns are reportedly one of the highest causes of mortality and morbidity. The burns can cause infection, trauma, and loss of the protective function from skin loss, temperature change, not to mention excruciating pain.

Healing burn wounds is one of the most complicated processes. It has, therefore, been a subject of intensive research to regularly improve the current procedures, reduce healing time as well as improve the quality of the scar. This is especially important to alleviate the suffering of people with severe burn injuries.  Read More...

Pediatric Dermatologist

Taking care of the health of children

As a mother or father, you will pay special attention to the health of your children, as well as possible signs of any kind of condition. As they develop, children might experience a wide range of diseases of varying severity. Most are mild and pass away in a few days, but every now and then, they might face a more serious condition that could even pose a threat to their lives. 

Early diagnose is fundamental for the safety and health of your children. The earlier a problem is detected, the better it can be treated and the higher the chance of uneventful recovery. Even if some parents get scared at signs that end up meaning nothing or nor being dangerous at all, it is often better to be careful and take any possible sign of a problem seriously, instead of posing the risk of overlooking actual symptoms that should have been taken into consideration while there was still time. Read More...


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